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Products which improve your business

Be more professional than your competition! Familiarize yourself with products that will increase your business to a whole new level. Products which, thereby, are created and designed by your colleagues – veterinarians, people who understand your needs the best.

From 99 € yearly.

VetSoft smart patient database for vets

Tells you when to call the owners to bring their pets for regular checkups and preventive treatments. Pametna kartoteka

Key benefits:

    • Forms a permanent base of patients, in which it is possible to bring all the information (about the owner, patient, medical history etc.), creates a medical records, which can help in diagnosing or getting the image of the patient's general condition;
    • Informs you when the patient's vaccine or other protection expires, and when to call the owners to bring their pet for regular checkups and preventive procedures, which represents a direct conversion of timely communication to financial gain;
    • The database is available from anywhere with an internet connection – clinics, homes and offices, but also easy accessing and updateing from the field;

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VetSoft smart website for vets

Pametni veb-sajt za veterinare

Website is developed in accordance with the needs of small businesses to improve business performance, growth, and expansion of the global audience – website is a good base for future campaigns and digital marketing.

Main features:

    • Unique and modern design;
    • Visibility on all browsers and devices - PC, tablet, mobile phone;
    • Optimized for small businesses;
    • Free web hosting, domain and maintenance for the first 12 months;

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